We need to mount a camera, mount our TV, and drop power to the secondary bench, but we are nearly done with our workshop. We just finished our toolbox practice kit. We finished a few projects at work that was keeping us working weekends. I’ve got enough of the database done to start logging our build (still need to make a clean dashboard to share here). So what’s next?

We ordered the empennage. Come Wednesday next week, we’ll be ready to officially start on this adventure.

We’re going to keep the dashboard up to date real time as it will be dynamically driven by our builders log. Hopefully we can keep the blog posts routinely as well. We may try to take our camera footage (security cam above the workshop area) and make some time lapse videos with some voiceover and occasional close up cut-ins. Might try to make it bi-weekly as work permits. We’ll see.

One last note. We’re building this thing and I haven’t even flown one yet. Looking to take my wife out to Portland next weekend for her “birthday”. Aurora, coincidentally, is t too far from there is it?


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