This site is a blog that follows 2 brothers (and sometimes their father) in their journey to build an airplane. It fill follow the build process, tangential stories, flying tales, and everything in between. We hope to use this site personally to look back on the process, as well as being informative for those who follow. I hope you enjoy the ride, we're certainly looking forward to it!

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The Arrival

Well, Christmas came a day early. We received the empennage kit this morning. I was able to hold off all the way until lunch to open everything up and inventory everything. First we had to dig for the inventory list,

The shop takes shape

We’re just about to embark on this journey, and the shop is taking shape. Tables, tools, air, bins, etc… It’s all coming together. Soon we’ll order the empennage kit for our RV7 and start shooting rivets. More to come…

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